The exchange agreements signed by Universidad del Pacífico allow its exchange students to access an important academic offer abroad and provide, as part of their training, the opportunity to get to know a different culture, new methodologies and education systems. These agreements also allow exchange students to improve their command of a foreign language. The program lasts one academic semester. Universidad del Pacífico recognizes the courses completed at the exchange university as elective courses.

Start Application

The call for student exchange during the first semester of each year runs from January to May and from September to December for the second semester. Students should log into our exchange system to start their application. ​

By logging into our exchange system with your username and password you will see the exchange universities and vacancies available to start your registration. On this platform you will have to do the following:

  • Upload your English language certificate.
  • Select a professor from Universidad del Pacífico to recommend you to the exchange program.
  • Write an essay in English of a maximum length of 500 words.
  • Select the exchange universities that match your interest.
  • Comment on who you would like to share your exchange experience with.
  • Comment on what extracurricular activities you do.
Available vacancies per university

In order to learn about the vacancies and the exchange universities we will be working with when deciding about your exchange period, enter here:​


Application Fee: all applicants to the Exchange Program who complete the process will be charged the sum of 150 soles (non-refundable).​

​Vacancy acceptance fee: all applicants to the Exchange Program who accept the spot will be charged the sum of 250 soles (non-refundable).​

Additional fees:

  • Students with 180 credits or more must additionally pay US$500 (except Law students) at Scotiabank.
  • Law students with 210 credits or more must pay US $500 at Scotiabank.
  • Graduates who have completed their studies maximum one year before applying: US$ 1000.
  • Students who withdraw from the exchange program after signing the acceptance letter must pay S/ 300 and will not be able to apply to the following exchange program. Exceptional cases will be submitted for evaluation.

Important: The accumulated credits are recorded at the end of each call.

After receiving the files of the candidates selected by UP, exchange universities have the power to accept or reject the nomination of a student. Such decisions and measures are beyond the control of Universidad del Pacífico International Relations Office.

Additional notes:

During the semester or quarter that they study abroad, Exchange students will be exempted from paying tuition fees at the exchange university. If you wish to validate any courses taken during the semester, they will go through the process of pre-validation and the total pre recognized credits will be paid in 4 installments during the period of study abroad according to each student sliding tuition scale.​