Double Degree
HEC Montréal - UP

This program allows students of the Business Administration program who have entered as of 2018, the possibility of obtaining a second bachelor's degree awarded by the HEC Montréal Business School in Canada.

Regulations, Requirements and Payment System

HEC Montréal allows Universidad del Pacífico students to obtain a second academic degree as a Bachelor in Business Administration. It is aimed at Business Administration students who entered the program as of 2018.

Regulation of Double degree with HEC Montréal for the Administration career.
These regulations indicate the requirements for application, admission processes, conditions to remain in the program, student commitments, among others.

Each university requires the fulfillment of requirements for the student to be able to apply to the Program. These requirements are not exclusive between both universities since the application to HEC Montréal also requires the fulfillment of Universidad del Pacífico’s requirements.

Universidad del Pacífico’s requirements

  1. Have been admitted by Universidad del Pacífico to the Business Administration program and to be enrolled in said program;
  2. Have been admitted as of 2018;
  3. Be enrolled at most in the fourth term of the degree program (80 accumulated academic credits);
  4. Not have more than two (2) enrollment reservations made;
  5. Show high academic performance: the School of Business will appoint an Evaluation Committee, which will define the evaluation criteria based on the student’s academic performance during his/her stay at Universidad del Pacífico;

6.Certify command of the English language, according to the following table:

Expert 8.5 and 9 115-120 960-990 A1 completed with min 4/7
Advanced 7-7.5 and 8 95-114 781-959 A2 completed with min 4/7
Advanced-Intermediate 5.5-6 and 6.5 72-94 601-780

HEC Montréal’s requirements:

  1. Have remained admitted to the program by Universidad del Pacífico;
  2. Be recommended to HEC Montréal by Universidad del Pacífico;
  3. Be at the end of year 3 of their studies;
  4. Apply online to the program;
  5. Pay the general admission fees at the time of submission of the admission application.

For more information, review section II of the Policies and Procedures Manual (regulation)

Payment System

  • During their studies at Universidad del Pacífico, the student will pay the fee assigned by the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Universidad del Pacífico will not charge for the courses that the student passes face-to-face at HEC Montréal and are validated according to the curriculum of the Program at Universidad del Pacífico.
  • Students must pay to HEC Montréal the application fees and the amounts corresponding to the academic load during their two (2) years of studies, according to the provisions of the university and within the established deadlines.
  • Students must be covered by the medical and hospital insurance offered by HEC Montréal during their entire stay in Quebec. No other personal insurance coverage will be allowed.

For more information, review section VIII of the Policies and Procedures Manual (regulation)