FAQ 2023

FAQ 2023


  • How will classes be delivered during Spring semester 2023?

We are currently preparing a safe return to campus. For that reason, all classes are expected to be offered in-person (face-to-face).

  • What precautions are being taken in order to make classrooms and the campus safe?

Students are required to present a COVID-19 vaccination proof with 3 doses at least and the use of masks in some parts of the campus.

Travelling Peru – Visa requirements

  • Is it necessary to apply for a student visa in order to attend classes at UP?

Yes, it is mandatory for all UP international students to get a student visa in order to participate in the Fall semester intake.

  • How can I apply for the student visa?

This process is managed by our International Relations Office only. Students will receive detailed instructions on what documents to submit.

  • Can I apply for a visa if I have not been vaccinated?

No, the visa application process is subject to a proof of vaccination.


  • Is vaccination mandatory for international students?

Yes, only vaccinated students will be allowed to apply for a student visa and access UP campus. According to Peruvian regulations 3 doses are required to enter to public establishments.

  • What vaccines fulfill the vaccination requirement?

All vaccines approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) will be accepted.