Questions & Answers

Application documents

What details should my insurance certificate include?

Your full name, dates of coverage, places of coverage and insurance description

If it is my first year of Master level, what document should I upload?

Your last transcript is fine

Visa documents

I do not have a return flight yet. What should I do?

It is a very important requirement for The Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prove you will be leaving Peru after the exchange. It does not have to be a flight back to your home country, a flight/bus ticket within South America or elsewhere is will also be valid

I will be staying for a year; the airline does not show a return flight by then yet. What should I do?

Please inform us about this. Gather all your documents and once the airline shows the option for your flight please let us know so we can attach it to your file and send it to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Consider a flight/bus ticket within South America or elsewhere will also be valid

How many days of stay in Peru will I get?

183 days. If you leave the country during that period, your days away will not count as days in Peru

Can I request to pick up my visa in a country that is not where I live?

Yes, however, you should inform about this and make sure you will be there on time to pick up your visa. We do not recommend this option

I do not have accommodation yet; which address should I use?

You could use the address of the place where you will be staying at your arrival. Please do not use UP address


Can I get the list of courses to be offered next semester?

Courses vary from semester to semester, you can see the list of courses offered in the current semester and syllabi at: as a reference. The final list of courses will be sent by Friday, July 19th according to the academic calendar

Should I be in Lima for enrollment date?

Registration process is online. You do not need to be in Lima to participate.

In case you are in Lima, you can join us at UP. We will have our BBUP team members ready to assist you in case you need some guidance throughout the process. The lab number will be informed by email prior to enrollment



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