Double Degree
Nebrija - UP

This program allows students from the Universidad del Pacífico School of Law to have the possibility of obtaining a second bachelor's degree from the Universidad de Nebrija, Spain.

Requirements and Payment System

Universidad del Pacífico Law School will nominate the students to Universidad de Nebrija.

Universidad del Pacífico
  • Have the status of student of the UP and belong to the career of Law.
  • Demonstrate high academic performance.
  • Having completed the curricular mesh in the Law career (face-to-face modality).
  • Have approved the courses identified as prerequisites (from 5th cycle) to take the 11 required subjects (online mode).
Universidad de Nebrija
  • Have fulfilled the conditions of the program at the Universidad del Pacífico.
  • To be presented by the Universidad del Pacífico to the Nebrija University.
  • Apply online to the program; before the admission deadline established by Universidad Nebrija.
  • Spend a personal interview (online) with the director of the Law degree at Nebrija University.
  • Pay general admission fees after receiving Nebrija University acceptance.
  • During their studies at Universidad del Pacífico, the student will pay the fee assigned by the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Students must pay to Nebrija University the application fees and the amounts corresponding to the academic load during their studies, according to the provisions of the university and within the established deadlines.
  • Students must be covered by international insurance during their study period at Nebrija University (Face-to-face mode)