Double Degree
Nebrija - UP

This program allows students from the Universidad del Pacífico School of Law to have the possibility of obtaining a second bachelor's degree from the Universidad de Nebrija, Spain.


The Universidad de Nebrija offers a personalized, innovative education with international professional projection.

It promotes its students’ employability through the design of cross-curricular, international and academically demanding study plans. It has three campuses, in different countries including the Princesa campus, located in the center of Madrid.

Why study this international double degree?
  • Double degree face-to-face / online. A degree recognized by a Spanish university is the first step to practice in Spain and the European Union. Graduates may then opt for a master’s degree and the bar exam, and become admitted to the legal profession
  • Network of contacts. It allows them to build a strong professional network, with international leaders, in the academic and professional fields.
  • Academic growth. This program will help the student to develop their critical and creative capacity and have more knowledge and a global vision, with which they will be able to find better job opportunities.
  • International training. A lawyer with international learning and experience works with different business cultures and adapts better to different realities, depending on his goals and the needs of his clients.